Automobile accidents are never a good thing, and unfortunately, they’re all too common. Accidents ranging from minor to severe can happen to anyone at any time, and without proper coverage you are at risk for losing your car and any other assets you own if you don’t have adequate liability coverage. Worse still, many drivers on the road fail to understand this, or simply ignore it. With thousands of uninsured or underinsured drivers out there, getting the best coverage possible is the best way to protect yourself.

At Yoder Insurance, our minimum liability is 10 times the state minimum level. We believe that this added support is crucial to keeping your assets safe, and our status as an independent agent means we can shop around for you to keep you protected while also offering you competitive pricing.

Yoder Insurance’s staff is here to support you in making the right decisions. And, when the time comes to file a claim we will work with you step by step. Our claims department is available 24 hours to help guide you through the claims process.


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